Thursday, July 21, 2016

july 21 Aisha Sharhan

On Monday the 18th we went fishing for silverside fish. At first it was we didn't catch anything but shrimp which was really cool. Me along with the other environment leaders wear wafers and went in the water of the Quinnipac river and long wharf. We entered the water with a beach seine that had a thicker each in the middle to collect the juvenile fish. It was really interesting and fun to see how we caught the fish and how they looked, also the experience of going in to the water. The rolling day on Tuesday the 19th Ivette brought her boss in,rick, to talk to us. he was very energetic and interesting to listen to. Yesterday on Thursday the 20th we had two guest speakers come in and talk to us about GIS and how to map the sites that we placed the poles and collected the silverside fish. That was a really cool experiene and now i know how to GIS and I'm glad the guest speakers had the time to come into our class and teach us about how to do that.

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