Thursday, July 21, 2016

Collecting the Silversides

Ashley Ceravone
Environmental Leaders

On Mnday, July 18th, the Environmental Leaders set out to complete part two of our experiment: collecting fish samples.
We made our way out to the Quinnipiac River, meeting up with Zosia and Lynne, to collect 10 Juvenile Silverside fish.  But, before collecting any samples, we had to record the water temperature, oxygen levels, and salinity.  Then, we finally were able to suit up and head into the water.  With multiple attempts and no fish caught, we tried a third time and finally caught a vast amount of Silversides.
Once we were done, we packed up and head to the other side of the river to repeat the same process, but this time being more successful than the first stop.  And lastly, the team made our way to Long Wharf to collect samples.  This time, I took a break from recording data, and joined the team in the water.  In less then no time, I managed to trip and fall in the water.  But other than my wet clothes, the experience was one I wont forget.

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