Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 21st Dante

On Monday July 18th Me, Aisha, Ashley, Lynne, Jesus, and Zosha went fishing in the Quinnipac river in hopes of finding Atlantic silverside to test for mercury accumulation in the fish. We caught a lot of shrimp at first but as time went on we became much more efficient at catching Atlantic silversides with our huge beach seine nets. The following day our content leader Ivette Lopez not only introduced us to what she does at the USFWLS but also to her charismatic boss Rick who gave us insightful tips on his job,birds,and how important it is to treat the environment with respect. Yesterday we had two librarians (Miriam and Carla) teach us how to properly research for information that is accurate. Also we learned what GIS was and how essential it can be in the next few years.

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