Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Aisha Sharhan

June 7, 2016

Environmental justice based off of a video shared by Cindy and an article "environmental Interns:article discussion"

  • knowledge - awareness
  • education
  • collectivize
  • government: local state federal
  • regulation 
  • trade off 
  • sustainability 
  • cultural sensitivity 
  • fairness 
  • multi-step 
  • compromise 
  • cost/social analysis
  • equity not equality
I want to learn more especially after watching the video Cindy shared about environmental justice

  • rich - poor
  • white - minority
  • benefits - burdens
  • parks - factories
  • green space - transportation
I want to make sure I make a difference to some one throughout this summer.  to make it aware to other people that are being affected that don't know the harm the environment is causing them. Something new I learned was how badly China's rives were i never knew how bad they become but after watching another video it dawned on me how critically their situation was and how it was the cause of the government. In the video a guy discussed about how people well have to worry about 3 types of cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, and stomach cancer. I would also like to learn more about diveristy and how the politial aspects of the wolrd affect the environment or the enivornment to the people. I'm interested in seeing how this internship will interacts with every other topic in the world and how everything is a cause and effect. like  a domino affect and that by changing one thing could stop the movement/ problem from expanding and making problems worse.

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