Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Alice Introduction

Hi my name is Alice Li. I am a rising senior at West Haven High School. This summer, I will be involved in the Environmental Leadership Internship Program. This is a great opportunity for me as I have always been interested in the science field from a really young age. I am particularly interested in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Microbiology. Recently, I learned about how much of an impact environment has on human health. There has been research that indicates a connection of what we are exposed to, such as harmful chemicals and carcinogens, and how our body responds to it. By studying the environment, these environmental-based diseases can be prevented and we can help produce a health-supportive community.

This summer, we are working on a project that tackles every aspect and disciplinary of environmental science. We are analyzing to see the correlation of mercury levels to the location in relation to power plants. Last year, a group of students found that mercury level is highest in locations closest to the power plants. This year, we are confirming the data found last year and we are going to further the study by analyzing the effect of mercury on marine life, particularly the fish. This is a huge issue today because it involves environmental justice. I was just reading an article about the concentration of power plants in minority and poor areas. The accumulation of mercury will lead to severe consequences such as disease and cancers which will affect more minorities than whites. Environmental science is a subject that should definitely be investigated and studied more, especially since it affects me and all the people around me worldwide. In the past, I never knew how important of a role environment plays in human health. In the future, I want to be able to investigate more environmental factors and prevent diseases. 

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