Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dante Frazer

Dante Frazer
Environmental Justice

Environmental justice as a whole is very fascinating to me because the same people who are facing injustice in regards of there environment is also facing injustice in the world. Majority of people who experience environmental injustice are lower income,Hispanic or African American people. These American citizens who for whatever reason don't have a lot of money and because of that they have to live in a unsanitary environment. When American people are poisoned, neglected, and feel as if they are experiencing injustice then the only person it hurts is the government because its hard for people to wake up and go to work every morning if they are sick and if they cant work and sick then they wont be able to pay their medical bills or monthly expenses which leaves the people who are fit to work and pay bills left to pay the other peoples expenses. Environmental Science provides an integrated, quantitative, and interdisciplinary approach to the study of environmental systems. I’d like to get the opportunity to be able to achieve or learn these qualities this summer. Diversity is a crucial component of the public leadership. Environmental leaders must themselves reflect the diversity of the country and have skills to work across difference. I hope to learn more about how the diversity in environmental science, and how it affects more than just the minority living there. Diversity isn't the only thing about environmental science because it brings everything together like the science and the political aspects. Environmental science focuses on a lot but one of may is the interaction the environment has between organisms. Another thing i’d like to learn this summer revolving this subject is the understanding of their earth processes, evaluating alternative energy systems, and pollution control. There's a lot I cant take from this fellowship and I know I'd learn a lot perhaps more than i just mentioned and that's all i want is to be able to expand my knowledge and educate myself.

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