Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summary Of Mercury Moss Project

Sphagnum moss is being used to determine to amount of airborne mercury is being released. We're using moss mainly because it can absorb the mercury in the air effeciently, its inexpensive and it doesn't consume any type of energy. The main source of the mercury can potentially be coming from a waste incinerator. PVC pipes are going to placed in peoples yard with the moss attached to them to collect any mercury found in the air. A shorter pipe will be attached to the longer pipe horizontally and have strings on each side so the hairnets with the moss inside can be tied with the strings with an elastic band. While placing the pipes we kept in mind that where we’re suppose to place the pipes has to be a place where there aren’t any trees, metals nearby, and good exposure to wind. The samples are going to be on sites for about three weeks and we’re going to collect the samples and send them to Dr.Carpi’s lab in John Jay College in New York. The moss will be tested in the lab and we will wait to get our results back.

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