Wednesday, July 15, 2015

First Impression: Mercury Moss Project

My first impression of this project was that this project is one of the most important research I’ve ever done. My project ties in with a lot of important topics, from public health, ecosystems, and to improving air quality. Collecting background information and using it for this project to elaborate on how this experiment is important to our environment was a little challenging. Once Rachel and I started to make phone calls to ask permission to use peoples yard to place our moss samples and explaining our project to them, it made talking about the project easier. This project is so relevant to us because it can affect our surroundings and ourselves. It affects the living organisims in the water and us consumers as well, which can lead to major health issues. By doing this project we’re going to determine the amount of airborne mercury that is actually being released from the waste incinerator, which I think is pretty mind blowing because we’re going to get these results back so we'll be informed how much mercury we are being exposed too. I'm really confident about this project now, and when I was first assigned to this project I was nervous, yet excited. I think this project is going to be a success.

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