Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Steps Of Mercury Moss Project

The first steps taken into this project was collecting all of our materials and rinse them with ivory soap and distilled water. Once we got the moss we washed its container with the ivory soap and it soaked in distilled water for 24 hours. Next, we drained the distilled water and rinsed it again and soaked it again in distilled water for 5 more hours. Then, we washed the hairnets with ivory soap and rinsed them and they were left to dry outside along with the moss also being dried outdoors, making sure it doesn’t get near any metals or old buildings. We screwed the pipes together and attached the strings to them where the moss is going to be hanging. Later on, we measured the moss and we stuffed them into the hairnets making sure each sample was three grams, we used an elastic band to tie the hair net. We went off to the sites and placed the poles first, and attached the moss samples the next day because we wanted the moss samples to be outside on the same day. We placed the samples in peoples yard, we even had the opportunity to place one at a park with a sign next to it explaining why these poles are being placed around the area. Our next step is to check on our samples and collect them once the three weeks are up.

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