Monday, October 3, 2016

9/27 Diverse Voices Lecture

The most surprising thing I learned in this lecture was that thousands of people in California have no access to water, and the government was doing virtually nothing about it before Susanna's effort. I always assumed that water rights were issues seen in developing countries, but never in a place advanced as the United States. What scares me is that after more than a decade, tap water has still not been restored to many of this people, which just goes to show how slow moving the government can be. For the type of work that she does, I believe her personality is very beneficial. Susanna is fierce yet justly determined to get what she wants and what everyone deserves. Not only does is convince the general public that what she's doing is effective and moral, but also will ensure that government actually listens to what she's fighting for. This has appeared to work well for her, since she is now officially partnered with the government ensuring the problem is resolved.

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