Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Aisha Sharhan 9/13/2016

Aisha Sharhan

Today went to go meet the panel of the first day of the diverse voices.  This group of panelist were all from Cali, now Michael Mendez mentioned the questions as to why California and that because its an important site of inquiry, it has a  long history of success, they have green house gases solution. Daniel Nepstaib gave a presenting on taking enviornmental justice to scale through international offsets. I feel as though he gave a great introduction as to the topic and at the same time voice his options and still give valuable information as to how the environment is in california along which other panelist. Mari rose taruc asked an important question "will this policy help or hurt kids with asthma?" which then connects to environmental issues/ justice, incourged after getting kicked out of the protects against REDD. She also talked about AB32 is supposed to lower emissions pollution in low income communities.They suffer more during extreme weathers events and breath dirter air. She also mentioned that there are three E's :equity, environment, economy.

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