Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summary of MAYA conference

The first day kicked off the arrival of the MAYA attendees from various Science-Technology Centers, Aquariums, Zoos and Museums. Some Bay & Paul Leaders went to check them in as they arrived and let them get settled in. I, along with Kristy, Cora and Chinanu were charged with checking them in, giving them swag and snacks after the long journey here. Then I along with two other Yalies walked the groups over to the Peabody while giving them a quick tour of Yale’s campus. I was able to show my group some of the major Yale landmarks including Sterling Memorial Library and Old Campus. Along the way I answered questions about applying to college and the feeling of being done with the craziness that is senior year. Finally once all of the groups arrived at the Peabody the MAYA conference began!

Planning this conference allowed all members of the Bay & Paul Fellowship to learn different skills which they could use later on in life for multiple purposes. In my experience group-projects usually end disastrously but I am very proud to say that each member of the Bay & Paul cohort worked really hard to put this event together. We supported one another and worked together to bring this conference to fruition. Running the conference was stressful but it was really awesome to see all of the planning unfold in real life. 

One event I really enjoyed was watching my peers from the Peabody present on their internships for the attendees, it was amazing to see them break down the really complex science to the larger community. The MAYA conference made me far more confident in leading people and also learning about difference aspects of a shared interest from a wide variety of people. Not only did I learn about planning conferences, I also was able to listen to different presenters on a wide variety of environmental issues and courses of action. I am incredibly grateful that the Peabody Museum and MAYA gave the Bay & Paul fellows the opportunity to put together this conference.

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