Sunday, August 16, 2015

Maya Conference

I was so nervous while planning the Maya Conference because I have never planned such a large event with over 50 people. However, I really enjoyed the planning process because of everything I learned about the science concepts, but also the logistics that go along with planning a 3 day conference. From making the schedule to planning the dinner I gained so much knowledge and experience. I am happy to know that in the future I have this experience. Besides the logistics, I was able to meet such great, and inspiring people that share similar interests. The presenters in the morning were also great. My favorite workshop was the water quality one with a Doctoral student at Yale University because I never realized how much water we use in one day, and the amount of water that goes into a pair of jeans. I was able to learn in so many different ways. Overall, the conference was very successful, attendees did not even want to leave because of the fun they were having! Besides science workshops we had a recycled art workshop, which seemed to be the favorite workshop. It was great to see everyone work together, have fun, while still incorporating a science concept, recycling. Also, it was great to be able to be a leader at the conference. Something that I have been working on is my leadership skills because I want other people to see me as a leader. 

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