Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What I've Learned From This Project

What I’ve learned the most about this project is how Mercury affects our environment. I always knew mercury was a toxic element on the periodic table but I didn’t know how harmful it can be to the ecosystems and to our air quality. I didn’t know that mercury can even get in the air! Other than  just learning about all the negative effects that mercury has. I also learned how to work with the moss and how to prepare the moss so it can absorb any of the mercury from  the air. Identifying the locations of where the moss samples were going to be located was also something new that I learned. Using transect lines and measuring the distance of residents houses from the waste incinerator, understanding the wind rose of the area we’re doing our research, and determining which sites would have duplicates was all something that I learned from this project. I think this project has taught me so much. Since I started this project I’ve been learning something new everyday, and we’re still patiently waiting for our results and once we do we’ll investigate even further and learn more information.

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