Thursday, July 16, 2015

First Impressions-Internship Week 1

This is my second year as an intern in the Yale Peabody Museum Vertebrate Zoology Lab. Last year I had a very informative and inspiring summer so I wanted to experience it again because of my passion. Last year I did a lot of prep work with the specimen. This year we will still be doing some prep work, but we will also be producing videos about the specimen and why we prep. 

Additionally, I have been able to watch other people do prep work, which is helpful for me because I love seeing new methods and continue to learn more about prep work with other types of animals besides reptiles. In the lab people prep mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles. 

Although what I am doing this year is a little different than last, I still am very passionate about the lab, and I am still interested in learning more about why museums have collections and the types of research researchers are using the specimen for. 

So far, I have prepared about 10 specimen, which includes: turtles, snakes, and lizards. Since I already have experience it won't be hard to prepare the specimen. However, producing the videos will be new for me because I have never done it before. 

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