Monday, June 22, 2015

Moss Project

Me and Brigitte are doing an internship that is focusing on the amount of mercury in the air around the incinerator in New Haven. We will be placing poles with moss bags attached to them around the East Haven area. The bags are going to capture whatever is in the air allowing us to now how much mercury is in the air. So far we have prepared the moss and are making adjustments to the poles. Our first step was to make sure everything was clean. To accomplish this we used distilled water and ivory soap. The next step was to place the moss in a container filled with distilled water. After we did this we made phone calls to make arrangements with some Evo kids about placing our poles around their homes. Once we complete the prep work, we will hang the poles and leave them for 3 weeks. Once the moss is collected we are going  to take a trip to visit Dr. Carpi. Our project is based on his research. He is a professor at John Jay College of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. He was kind enough to offer us guidance for this project and is even doing the analyzing for us. 

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