Saturday, April 18, 2015

Engineers purify sea and wastewater in 2.5 minutes and thoughts...

While skimming through the Science Daily site, I came across an interesting article on purifying seawater and wastewater. A team of Engineers from Mexico of the Jhostoblak Corporate have discovered a way to purify non potable water from locations like hotels, homes, industrial facilities and commercial companies. The technology for this type of purification is said to only take 2.5 minutes to complete.

The technology that they are using is called the PQUA system. This system has the ability to separate and removing all types of contaminants. These can consist of organic or inorganic pollutants. It is necessary to molecularly dissociate water pollutants to be able to recover the vital minerals to be potable and for the human body to be able to process it and use it to its advantage. If not done properly, the water will not be able to provide its basic qualities such as hydrating and replenishing the body.

The PQUA system also has the ability to take samples from different areas of contaminated water and run tests to find out more information. When running these tests, the system can figure out and tell you what kind of elements should be combined and ho much to be able to give the water back its ordinary properties for potability.

During the purification process of these contaminated water treatments, it is said by the engineers that no damage is to be done to the environment. In addition, the gases and odors will not negatively impact the health of the people.

Here's how the process works!

The water is pumped into a reactor tank to get rid of solids, heavy metals, and other matter to be removed by rain and gravity. The remnants will then settle to the bottom of the tank as a sludge. There is a latter removed to examine the sludge to determine if it is a suitable fertilizer or to be used as construction material.  

The liquid is then brought to a filter tank to measure its clarity and to remove any final or excess elements that will make the water lack purity. Once this is complete, it is taken to a polishing tank to take away any other colors, flavors, or even smells. The water is then taken to a container, ozone is added to make certain that the water is indeed pure and able to drink. The end product of the liquid is expected to be clear and have a neutral taste.  The engineers have said that their treated water has been verified and tested by many institutes and associations and have all been said to pass qualifications to be potable. 

This article was extremely interesting because we should all be aware by now of the scarcity of clean drinking water. It is amazing, yet also confusing to think that technology is now being used to purify and make contaminated water drinkable. 

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