Sunday, March 22, 2015

Who Are These "Climate Extremists?"

I watched a three minute long trailer about a documentary called "Thin Ice" today, and found it very intriguing. I have posted the link below this paragraph. This documentary has been filmed, and the bulk of the work has been completed, but the producers (a very small unit) needed the funding to complete the editing process so that the film could meet the requirements for public release.

The film, as you can see, has already exceeded its donation goal of 27,500 New Zealand dollars (or about 20,000 USD), and has raised 34,448 NZD (26,000 USD) from 228 sponsors. This is great news, it means that the documentary will air, thanks to the support of hundreds of donors.

I particularly liked the idea of this film because instead of fighting the anti-climate change opposition, it analyzes the subject of attack for many politicians, company executives, and public speakers. The phrase "environmental extremists" and "climate radicals" is used often in those attempting to shoot down notions of climate change, and promote less regulations on corporations that profit from environmental destruction. This documentary never states that these people are wrong. It simply accepts their claim, and takes a look at these so-called extremists.

With the word "extremists", typically associated with terrorism and disorder, being pinned to scientists studying the environment and climate change in our world, it is easy to make the people dedicating their lives to science look like the bad guy. This documentary follows a seemingly unbiased direction, following these scientists around the globe in their research, and connecting the dots between their results. As a news-watching citizen, I am curious of these "climate extremists". What exactly are these people doing in their research, what are they looking at? And what are they finding that is causing so much controversy?

Documentaries like "Thin Ice" could be a great way to reach out to the public through services like public tv, theater showings, and video streaming services. I feel that many people would also like to see the truth behind these political claims, and take an inside look at the real work scientists are doing to study our environment and test the effects that our society has on it.

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