Monday, March 9, 2015

Mairead and Zariah's Take on IYEYS

Mairead and I went to all of the same sessions at the IYEYS Event in New York. We are going to talk about the "Combined Sewer Overflow & Effects on the Bronx River," by the Rock the Boat after school program in the Bronx.

This session was led by three students that were apart of the eerily Evo-like program called "Rocking the Boat." The program was focused on learning about the Bronx River and ecological data collection while learning about seamanship skills. This particular session presented the problem of the over flowing sewer system in New York and how it is negatively affecting the Bronx River and the communities around it. After, they lead a Q&A session in which the audience mainly asked about water quality testing and the methods to clean the Bronx River that have been proposed thus far.

Our opinions:
We both thought it was interesting how the program tied together the ideas of learning about science and being community activists. We were also impressed by how much knowledge this program has gathered for researchers to use around the world. The program was a mix of the Sound School and Evo and also challenged it's students to be apart of a world led by old people (the science community.) We overall thought it was a great enviornmentally focused presentation :)

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