Monday, March 9, 2015

Kristy, Cora, and Brigitte IYEYS

 The session that we are writing about is Saving the World: 21st Century Sustainability Solutions for the Millennial Generation.  The man giving the presentation did a good job at getting his point across in a fun simple kind of way. He told us a  lot about the organization he worked for and highlights of their work. He told us this amazing story about how he helped a college save thousands of dollars by teaching the students little things they can do to save energy, like unplugging things.  Then he also held a candle lit party and to enter the party they had to unplug all of the plugs in their room and before they entered they had to say how many things they unplugged.
 Then he also told us this really cool story about how he and a few people helped save a pond. The pond had too much algae  and the people who owned the pond would spray herbicide into it every month and it would cost $500. So one day he went to them and said how about you give me that $500 and ill go out and buy plants and plant them in the pond.  Then they ended up doing it and the next month no one needed to spray the pond the algae was controlled.

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