Monday, March 9, 2015

IYEYS Recap- Chinanu & Jordyn

The second workshop we attended at IYEYS last Sunday was about Climate Change, led by Maayan Cohen. This presentation started off with an interactive slideshow/video explaining the effects of climate change and how we are the main part of it. One topic focused on was our relentless desire to "live large"; we are a materialistic society, always concerned with acquiring new things, even when the ones we already have are perfectly usable. The video gave the bare, harsh truth; if we continue living the way we are, the planet is going to suffer even more than it already is, and as a result, we will too. The video emphasized that we  need to make changes to our current standard of living if we still want to live comfortably.

Following the video, we played a game in which we created a "snapshot" of the problems faced when trying to increase awareness of global warming, and the changes people should make in their lives. About seven kids went up and acted out these barriers; one kid held open an empty wallet, another stood off to the side (representing some people's indifference to the issue; sone people simply have no interest in getting involved), and another kid held his finger to his lips. That last one was to indicate that some people, especially people of color, aren't really given opportunities to put forward their ideas and opinions, and that social justice is a playing factor too. Overall, this inspiring workshop really forced us to see the big picture, and all the factors that contribute to climate change and our ability to help fix it.

It was my first time (Jordyn) participating in environmental workshops, and it was a very helpful and inspiring. I never realized how much of a voice I have, and all youth environmentalists. The diversity workshop was the most interesting to me because I enjoy learning about diversity and its importance, especially in the workplace. If there is going to be a major environmental change in the world we should all have the opportunity to take part in it and have an opinion.

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  1. On March 9, 2015, we started off our meeting with reading an article. I really enjoyed this article and thought it had a lot of very interesting information and argued valid points. The title of the article is "You Say Alternatives Are The Answer. . . Let's Talk:" In the introduction paragraph it discusses the economic growth and demand for energy. It also talks about alternative energies and how we get them. Solar power was one alternative energy they discussed, another is hybrid and alternative vehicles, batteries, and the one I focused on, is the concept of critical and strategic minerals. These all sound like good ideas, however we often forget how limited these sources are and how expensive they are, and that was highlighted in this article, and that is why I liked it.

    The concept of critical and strategic minerals talked about the nation's dependence on imports, and the complications with relying on foreign sources to get rare earth metals. It also explained how the price for the minerals and elements are becoming more expensive and scarce. I think that these minerals and elements are becoming more expensive to get because these countries are realizing that the U.S. is relying so much on their products.

    Another thing that I think we often forget and that is really important is time. Time is something that is always mentioned in these debates, like how much time do we have left if we do not use alternative energies, and if we use alternative energies, how much time will it give us?

    After the article discussion we analyzed what makes a good conference. We talked about what we enjoyed about previous conferences we attended and aspects we would like to have at our conference. We also reflected and debriefed about our experience at the IYEYS Conference. We are in the process of creating our conference and I am determined and excited to see the work we will produce as a group.

    I look forward to the next meetings, and continuing to plan for the Maya Conference. I am also excited to learn more about current environmental issues.