Monday, March 9, 2015

IYES With Vanessa & Anna

Environmental Debate!
No... It really wasn't a debate. We might as well call it a panel! 

            There are the skeptics and the environmental enthusiasts, and though they don’t agree on much (climate change is still a question), but both parties certainly do enjoy a good debate!  Debate allows for the trade of ideas and viewpoints, and allows the many sides of a controversial topic to shine through.  In this activity, all of the information regarding controversial topics was brought up, but there was no debate!
            From now on, we will refer to this activity as a panel.  The panel of experts in their various fields was enlightening—secret information about New York’s school system and what they plan to do regarding their energy use was shared.  Surprising information about the amount of energy that we waste was shared, and important questions regarding the future of New York public schools were answered.  This was an insightful session, but it wasn’t a debate like what was expected.
            Having a debate with these experts would really help us understand both political aspects of environmental science, or hot topics like climate change.  Since the debate wasn’t applicable, we did, however, enjoy going up to them and having a one-on-one conversation to solidify what we do know about climate change and enhance our knowledge about the topic.

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