Friday, February 20, 2015

Ocean Acidification

 Simply put Ocean Acidification is when the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is absorbed into ocean. Meaning that less carbon ends up in our air, a good thing right? Well not exactly! So much carbon is being absorbed by the ocean that its starting to have negative effects. Since the Industrial Revolution, the ocean has become 30% more acidic! The Ocean Portal Team explains that the when ph of sea water lowers, the water becomes more acidic and makes carbonate ions less abundant in the water. An increase in the acidity of the ocean is not really a good thing. This affects many species who live in the ocean such as shellfish. Many different species of shellfish are dying due to the increase in acidity. It is causing the shells of animals to actually dissolve in the water! So why is this bad for humans? Well in many areas shellfish are a source of income and a main source of protein! This means that when the number of shellfish dwindle we are losing money and many people are losing their main source of food.

We are at fault for the rises in acidity, so what can we do to fix it? With help from everyone it should be easy! Using less and less fossil fuels with help greatly! This will lower the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air. Fixing this environmental issue as well as many others starts with us. Finding "greener" ways to live is how we can make the environment a great place for all its inhabitants!

To learn more about Ocean Acidification:
Watch these informational videos here on Ocean Acidification and Ocean Chemistry:

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