Saturday, February 14, 2015


Hello Everyone! My name is Chinanu Gubor, and I am a current junior at Career High School. I would just like to introduce myself to this blog.

This is my first year in the Bay & Paul Environmental Leadership Program. My interest in the program sparked at a past Dinosnore, where last year's Bay & Paul Fellows conducted presentations and activities on vehicle idling. I thought that it was super cool (in fact, I was so interested that later sophomore year I decided to expand my knowledge and did a PSA for English on idling!). It inspired me, seeing people my age who care about learning and educating others on the environment. I have always felt that the environmental realm of science was one that society as a whole doesn't acknowledge as much, so I thought that joining this internship would be a great and unique opportunity to connect with others who share in my love for it. I also hope that, through this program, I will be able to develop better communication skills, and overall, expand my knowledge on the environment around us.  I look forward to our coming pursuits, and to working with all of you! 

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