Monday, January 26, 2015

Field Trip to Maritime Aquarium

        On Saturday, November 22 many of the Bay and Paul environmental group students took a field trip to the Maritime Aquarium. There we met up with a group of students which are a part of a program which is run there and is very similar to Evolutions. The day started out with us going into their classroom and we got to start an ice breaker. Once that was done we got the amazing opportunity to go behind the scene and not only get to see the shark tank from above it, but we also got to feed the sharks. After that we got to take a tour of the aquarium getting to see different things like sharks, turtles, otters, meerkats, many different types of fish and frogs, as well as many other types of animal the aquarium has to offer. We go to see the seals get fed and pet sting rays and moon jellies. Throughout this tour we get to learn about a lot of different careers that you could have in a aquarium in particular different jobs in science that pertain to the different jobs at the aquarium. After this we go to see an I-max movie about the coral reefs and learn about some of the animals that live there. After this we got to go back to their classroom before we had to leave to dissect a shark. With this we learned about   different things about its anatomy and things like how big its liver is compared to the rest of its body and why this important to it anatomy and things like how the fact that its liver is less dense then the water helps it to swim and not sink.

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