Saturday, September 24, 2016

9/20 Diverse Voices Lecture

In Sudha's lecture, she descriptively explained the role of environmental justice in Seattle, Washington. Like many other major cities, the discrepancy between where people of low socioeconomic status live and where the wealthy do is huge, and brings to light some serious environmental inequality. In Seattle, areas of high poverty often contain much higher levels of pollution in the atmosphere and in their water. Unsurprisingly, the majority of the people here are people of color, and this is partly due to the extremely large income gap found in the city. Sudha's job is to come together with community leaders who represent people from all over the metro, and figure out the real problems the people are facing, and make them aware to everyone. The official environmental leaders in our country are often apart of the wealthy white class. Sudha want to makes these problems more accessible to the general public, especially when many of the problems trying to be fixed are affecting them the most - the most effective solutions will not be found if these voices are not heard.

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