Tuesday, September 20, 2016

09/20 Lecture Diverse Voice

Today's speaker is Sudha Nandagopal who is the new program manager for Seattle's environmental justice initiative. From the lecture, I learned more about the goals of the initiative and the presence of environmental injustice throughout the country. The three goals of the Equity and Environmental initiative are that all people and communities benefit from Seattle's environmental progress; that communities most impacted by environmental injustice are engaged in setting environmental priorities, designing strategies, and tracking environmental progress; and that people of color, immigrants and refugees, people with low incomes, and limited English proficiency individuals have opportunities to be part of, and leaders, in this movement. According to Sudha, in order to gather all the people impacted by environmental injustice, they must make them trust the government and their leader. They must take part in all the environmental projects and make a change. Without their help, then the movement will not be successful. I am glad to see that there is such a strong project happening from the opposite side of Connecticut, all the way at Washington.

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