Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Aisha- Mercury

Some thing that i find interesting about Mercury is the fact on how much it was being used just to find out how dangerous it is to people and creatures. Like how it was used in dental amalgams/ fillings, thermometers, cosmetics, and pesticides. Also how there are three different forms of Mercury like elemental, inorganic, and organic. I also found interesting how its a liquid at room tempter and it's never a solid.
Mercury affects humans in many ways one being that it is really dangerous and poisonous to the and to other animals. It affects our nervous system, liver, brain , etc. Like how they used mercury in felt and the people who were wearing these hats were getting the "mad hatter " affect.
Its found in cinnabar, corderoite, and livingstone. " discovered in 1500 BC"
Ancient societies: chinese, Mesoamerica, romans , greeks
Mercury was used for painting, art and medical reasons before not knowing the harm it causes humans and the affect it has.

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