Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Aisha-Erin Saupe

Aisha Sharhan
Today we got to meet Erin Saupe, who i had the opportunity to interview one time during EVO. As our guest speaker she introduced her self , she is interested in elucidating the controls on species' responses to environmental change. During her slide show she mentioned a spider that is known in the south east and she explained how it would soon be heading towards places like Minnesota in 20 years. I enjoyed hearing about her research on spiders or fossils in amber and how she once went in the field to Spain to collect amber and continue with her research. As a child she would marvel the fennec fox ,as said in her biography handout, i admire them also i think they are amazing animals. Erin Saupe talked about coyotes and how they are all over the place that it would be hard for this species to go extent.
 we also learned about the tully monster and the hugfish.

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