Thursday, August 6, 2015

First Impressions

For starters, the lab was very cold.  Typical, and very important of any lab to have this environment, especially when working with volatile gases!  Everyone in the lab was very welcoming and had great research to ask many questions of.  The project that Chinanu and I would be working on was introduced, and it was exciting to think that we’d be working on our own research project, rather than doing a menial task on a larger research project, but the research project still benefits the lab as a whole.  The large amounts of analytical equipment that just casually rests on the benches caught my attention, and it became important for me to understand what the devices do, how they worked, and what kind of engineer/scientist built it.  I was really excited to know my PI more, and to learn that he is just as relaxing as everyone else in the lab.  I really enjoyed lunchtime conversation, and meeting lab members of another lab that’d we would be working closely.  Overall, I was very excited to not only be working on the project, but to be working with a group of researchers who are nice and personable!

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