Monday, August 24, 2015

Daily Procedure

The bulk of our lab work is in the sampling portion of our project.  Ensuring that we are taking the same steps each time when collecting samples is crucial in eliminating careless errors.  

  1. (To ensure that the pump is set for low flow), make sure that cap over regulator valve is removed, and valve is turned 4-5 times counterclockwise
  2. (Once per “sampling day”) Equilibrate  while connected to flow meter for five minutes at .115 L/min
  3. Make sure that the LCD screen (on pump) says “Hold”, then when sampling site is reached, press Start/Hold button to begin pulling air through pump (“Sample Running” should display) at the same flow rate for 30 min.
  4. Record start time
  5. When sampling time has finished, press Start/Hold button again to record stop time. Take note of Temp., Forecast, Flow Rate, Humidity, Wind Pattern, and other notes.
  6. Put samples in lab freezer
  1. Put samples in lab freezer

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