Saturday, August 22, 2015


Another great and informative summer has come to an end. I am so pleased with my work and collaboration this summer with fellow interns. I made a lot of connections, and learned so much more about ecological careers, and museum collections. My favorite part of my internship was going in the field and collecting frogs with a doctoral student, and masters student, who will be using the frogs for their research. It made me realize that this is actually something that I would like to pursue in the near future as a college student.

Besides the science portion of my internship I really enjoyed filming and working on videos. I went into this project with no video skills, now I can do some basic editing. I hope in the future I can get better at video production.

Although my internship is over, I will never forget my experience. I am grateful and thankful to have participated in this internship this summer and last. In the future I would love to help younger students and mentor them through their internships.

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