Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Though Chinanu and I are done for the summer, there is still much work to be done in regards to our project.  

We are able to make a few loose conclusions based on the relative peak heights from the chromatograms obtained, but are not able to make any quantitative conclusions about the concentrations of compounds found in samples because calibration curves of the standards ran have not been completed.  We are however, able to compare compounds based on the peak area of compounds on the chromatograms.  Using the peak area, we are able to compare the compounds at each site quantitatively.  For the future, we plan to organize all of the peak areas for key compounds of compound groups and compare the sites in this way, and then determine the concentration of the compounds when all calibration curves are completed.  

For now, we have results suggesting that the aromatics found in the I-91 samples are relatively the same concentration as those found in the Medical School samples.     

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