Thursday, May 7, 2015

Food Inc. Review

      Recently I watched the movie Food Inc. which is a documentary about the horrors of the modern day food industry. It mainly talked about how all of the food industries are basically owned by  major food corporations. Companies controlling what the farmers do by forcing them to get into a large amount of dept and then threatening to terminate their contract. They talked about all the things that these corporations do not want to talk about like how the animals are treated, what is really in their products, and the risk this is all having on your health.
       It went through telling us the behind the scene of  how things like the cows, pigs and, chickens that come to our supermarkets are treated and killed. How chickens are kept in dark house with no room to move and are beings designed to grow too fast and therefore the rest of their body can  not grow up fast enough so they can not walk. Cows having digestional issues and breading dangerous diseases because of the corn based diet they are being feed instead of  eating the grass they are evolved to eat. Animals standing all day everyday ankle deep in their own feces, which causes the spreed of diseases that can get into the meet that we eat and cause us to get sick.
       The movie also talked about corn. How since it so cheap and it can be used to make so many things it is being massively farmed in America. Therefore it is in almost everything. It is being feed to the animals that become our bacon, burgers, chicken nuggets, ext., it is made into corn syrup and is used as a sweetener, it is in almost ever product in the grocery store. This is not good for us or the animals that we feed it to.

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  1. I feel like I "ignored" all the information I had about factory farming for all of my life.