Monday, April 27, 2015

Bees Attracted to Pesticides in Nectar

      Scientists at Newcastle University and Trinity College have recently discovered that bees are actually attracted to nectar containing pesticides. Previous research has shown that bumble bees and honeybees can not taste the difference between nectar with pesticides compared to nectar with out the pesticides, but now the studies are showing that they actually prefer the one with the pesticides. It is shown that these pesticides are effecting the same parts of the bees brain as nicotine effects the humans brain. This can make getting the nectar with the pesticides seem more rewarding to the bee.
      This is leading for these bees having a higher exposure to these pesticides. These pesticides have already been shown to negatively effect the bees fitness. By these bees going after the pesticide containing crops has proven to have negative effect on entire hives.

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