Monday, February 23, 2015

Water... What about it?

Have you ever thought about how much water we use everyday? We use water for many different things. We use it for everything things like cleaning, livestock, agriculture, energy, and industry. Most people don’t pay that much attention to the amounts of water they use because when they think of the water supply they know that 75% of the Earth is water. But what most people don’t know is that only 3% of that water is freshwater and 1.1 billion people are living today without clean drinking water at all! Then we irrigate 71% of global water for agriculture to grow our food.
We are using a lot of water nowadays not thinking about the future and the droughts that will happen. Even today some people are seeing the decrease in water. There are wells that were once full now going dry, rivers are shrinking slowly but surely. For example the Colorado river used to flow into the pacific ocean in 2010 but now it does not. Now people use the Colorado river to fill pools in Vegas and they irrigate the water to reach crops and provide drinking water throughout the west; so now not a drop makes it to the ocean.  A recent study shows that by year 2030 the demand for water will be 40% higher than it is today. Since we know this we should be doing something about it now. If everyone knows that then we should be taking action now trying to change the way we use water.

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