Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Meetings on 2-21 & 2-23

On Saturday Feb. 21st Bay and Paul had a mini meeting because most of the people in my cohort were working that day. We were told about events and guest speakers that were coming up. Then we figured out what we were going to do for the weekend because we are going to an event in New York. At first we were going to go to New York on Saturday night, spend the night, then go to the event Sunday morning. But something happened and now we will be staying at the Peabody Saturday night and leaving early Sunday morning. We liked this idea so that way we can have hours to plan, get to know everyone in the 2nd cohort and just have fun. Then we did a little bit of planning for a guest speaker, Heather Tallis, who will be coming to the Peabody on Friday to hang out with us.

On Monday we had a full meeting with everyone from my cohort and the 2nd cohort. The 2nd cohort started this meeting. When we all sat down they started talking to us about about an article they read. The article was about a train that derailed and split 19 tubes of oil in this small rural town. After we heard about what happened and watched a small news clip of the incident the kids in the 2nd cohort had discussion questions for us. Each person said their question, then we had a small discussion about it. My favorite discussion question was ‘ Do you think there are safer and more efficient ways to transport oil? ’ This question caught my attention because I didn't see a better way. If you do it by boat or plane you still need some other form of transportation to get it more inland. Then there's always a pipeline, but my problems with those are that if they burst underground then it’s going to be very hard to clean up. Then the pipeline could be put in places where it can upset the public and that only adds to the problem. Then after we heard all of the questions and finished our discussions we split into two groups to plan for upcoming events.

One group planned what we were going to show Heather Tallis on Friday, which is the group I was in,  and the other group planned fun environment activities for us to do on Saturday night.  I filled in everyone with a few things we had planned on showing Ms. Tallis already on the 21st. Then I asked if anyone had anything else in mind. We ended up reading a little bit about her and we all came up with a few questions to ask her. Then we also thought of videos we had made to show her. Then some people would like to talk to her about the research projects we did over the summer and we will also show her a few or our carts. After both groups were done we shared our plans. The other group came up with the idea of playing an environmental family feud, movies we should watch, and food. Then to wrap everything up Andrea gave a few announcements.

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