Sunday, February 8, 2015


Hello all! My name is Vanessa Hansen-Quartey and I am a junior at Engineering Science University Magnet School (ESUMS) and this is my second year in Evolutions and my first year in Bay & Paul Leadership Program.

Already knowing I had a knack for science, I decided to expand on my involvement in extracurriculars that were science oriented, and low and behold I decided to apply for Evo!  I love chemistry, have an interest in physics, a growing love for business and entrepreneurship, but environmental science is just something that is of growing concern in our world and something that cannot be ignored; this is one of the many reasons why I've taken interest in this field!  "Environmental Science" is far broader than a small society full of clean water enthusiasts and tree huggers, but a collection of people from various backgrounds such as geology, chemistry and biology, and even politics that come together to try to solve the problems that are wrong with our earth -- Our physical earth.  For this reason, and the urge to make a difference, I am interested and am grateful for being able to work with all of you! (Soon).


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  2. Hello! My name is Jordyn Zembrowski. I am a junior at New Haven Academy. This is my third year in Evolutions and my first year in Bay and Paul. I participated in a lab internship over the summer of 2014 in the Vertebrate Zoology Lab, and since then I have become more interested in learning more about ecology, biology and the environment. I am interested in meeting people who have the same passions as me and I hope I will be able to meet them through this program.

    Additionally, I want to be a science educator and hope to major in that field in college, so I thought educating myself about topics discussed in Bay and Paul would be very beneficial for me. I hope that through the Bay and Paul leadership program I can develop better communication skills, debate skills and overall more knowledge about what is happening with our environment.

    I look forward to these next few months!