Saturday, January 31, 2015

On Nov. 10th, 2014 Bay and Paul started our meeting working on an event that will be happening on December 6th. We came up with a few ideas to do with the rest of the kids who will be at Dinosnore, an event where the kids in Evolutions can spend the night at the Museum. Then later on in the meeting we had two guest speakers come in to talk to us.
The guest speakers told us a lot about their time traveling and going to UN meetings and youth assemblies. One of the speakers Ralien Bekkers was a Yale student  from the Netherlands and has a youth delegate program. The program is a 3 year program and people are usually paired with someone else so that way they can learn with someone else with more experience. She also went around the country to talk to young people to find out what they want from the government and the UN.
During the meeting we learned a lot about UN conferences and how the youth can be involved in them. We learned that during conference the youth have their own little mini meeting where they can come together to strategize and think together. Which I think is amazing because those kids who are at those meetings are probably going to end up being the people running the conferences in the future and because they started together at such a young age they can give the youth a voice and young people are more willing to listen and consider things, while sadly the older people are more set in stone.
We also learned that it is very hard for the nations leaders to come to an agreement at these conferences. Our guest speakers told us that their main problem is that they don’t know how to work together. At these conferences all the countries have big environmental problems and everyone is too focused on what's wrong with their country and who is responsible for the way the environment is. I think that the government thinks too much about pleasing people and trying to change their way of everyday living too much. But what they aren’t thinking about is the future. If they keep fighting and not wanting to change then everything will just keep getting worse then their kids will have to deal with the consequences. They need to remember you have to give a little to make the world a better healthier place.  

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