Monday, January 12, 2015

Dinosnore Planning Meeting

This week, Bay and Paul fellows met and began to brainstorm ideas to host an educational activity during the annual Peabody Evolutions DinoSnore event. Our group came to the decision that we will create a mock-conference between several different nations, such as China, Brazil, Nigeria, Fiji, and the United States. Each group's nation will have economic interests such as protecting their resources, which will take the form of oil, forests, and goods so that they may gain or retain wealth, and also environmental concerns. These concerns will include problems that these nations face in real life, such as poor air quality, deforestation, and pollution. The Bay and Paul fellows will perform a short skit demonstrating these needs and issues that countries face, and then the students participating in the activity will be assigned a role as a nation and collaberate to reach a consensus that will benefit all of the nations, and protect their interests. We have chosen certain countries to create a diverse and representative list of developed, developing, and undeveloped nations across 6 continents. These include The United States of America, China, Brazil, Fiji,Tanzania, Australia, and the Netherlands. The skit will lay down rules and guidelines for the younger students, and set up a series of problems that are similar to those our world faces today. The student's activities will follow, working in conjunction with the skit to attempt to resolve as many of the issues that they can in order to help the environment and promote international cooperation. Our meeting today was very productive, and we turned several different ideas into one solid project to work on for the December 6 event.

George Baldwin

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